Studio Sonda, Croatia


Sonda is a creative studio that operates in a completely different work environment from many similar agencies that are mostly concentrated in bigger cities. The studio is situated in the Croatian region of the semi island Istria, operating in Vižinada county – an area with a population of about 1000 residents. Our workday begins on the terrace, with a view of the surrounding foliage and the sound of crickets, but because of “village design” we are not blocked from working on global world campaigns and products that sells throughout the world, from Japan through the USA. Sonda has affirmed itself on different areas of work (design, visual identity creation; ad campaigns; designing and positioning brands and products; editorial work and publishing… ) and works with many domestic and foreign clients.

The studio has 9 members. It operates from 2004 and is the winner of many national and international awards

Vižinada 62, 52447 Vižinada
tel/fax: +385 52 446 376,